This is Me!

I am first and foremost a writer. It’s as easy as breathing. I like planning out stories and fitting them together like jigsaw puzzles, either minuscule or with a bigger picture; figuring out which parts go where and whether it can be mixed up. 

Without the risk of it sounding like a cliche, I’ve always found refuge in my ability to write in a broad range of formats, whether it’s a letter, my blog or a number of creative pieces. Being able to write has given me a form of escapism and has allowed me to be myself,  rather than what others expect me to be. 

Mark Twain is often associated with the phrase “write what you know”.

A few years ago, I was asked why I portrayed my protagonists and all of my other characters as able-bodied people, as opposed to a wheelchair user. I guess people assume that being a wheelchair user my whole life, I would write about the life it has given me. I couldn’t give an answer because I’d never even realised or thought about it, I’ve just written what has come naturally. 

Being a wheelchair user and experiencing some difficulties in life, I have written fiction with themes of bullying and other events that have shaped my life. Writing about these events and incidents has lifted a great weight off my shoulders.

In my spare time, I enjoy role-playing with different groups of people, via social media. Through acting as characters from different films, such as Harry Potter and Twilight, and creating original storylines, I have been able to be in an environment where I can relax, but also be creative. I have been able to tap into characters minds and create new worlds which I have sometimes been able to transmit into fiction. 

Being an aspiring writer has taught me that there are many creative outlets and I always ensure that I carry a notebook and pen everywhere I go, for whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

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