Writing Genre – Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts

Here are my Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts… 

Sci-fi Extract – The Terrible Twins

He stood in a wide laboratory with bare walls and various types of equipment around the room. A faint beeping came from a machine at the far end of the room. The door opened. A man, dressed in a crisp white lab coat, blackened in places, and white hair made static by the ongoing electric ruminating in the air. 

He checked the papers on his clipboard against the whirling equipment and other machinery around the room. Two wide tubes, held into place by a large machine, connected by various wires and clear nozzles, creaked and let out a big puff of smoke. The scientist looked around just as the smoke cleared to reveal two teenage girls, roughly the same height. One of the girls was slight while the other had a bigger stature.

Fists pounded against the tubes they were trapped in as the individuals panicked for their lives. Ignoring this, the scientist moved to a control panel and started to press on the different sized buttons. He slammed his hand down on a large red one and the machine behind him let out a very unhealthy noise before whirring continuously. He turned back to the machine, ignored the frantic pounding fists and watched as the nozzles filled with a clear, greyish liquid that connected the two tubes. Back and forth. Faster and faster. 

There was a large bang and a billow of smoke as the machine choked. The smoke cleared, this time to reveal two teenage girls, both identical. Two identical girls, both slim in stature, identical to the last strand of hair and freckle on her nose, stared out of their containers at the scientist. The scientist was elated and had lost his still composure. 

“It works. It works!”

Fantasy Extract – Creeping in the Shadows

Kirsty held the bundle of blankets close to her chest, her eyes frantically flickering from side to side. Her feet echoed against the wooden floor as she ran. With every step, the door at the other end of the room moved further and further away. Lights flickered rapidly overhead. The sound of her heartbeat increased and the bundle of blankets stirred. A baby girl’s eyes peeked out from them. She babbled but Kirsty kept on running. A movement in the corner of her eye, a figure kept to the shadows. If she could get to the door, they would be safe. The lights flickered again and there was a crackle of electricity. A swish of a cloak brushed across the wooden floor, blocking her exit. She froze and clutched the baby closer to her chest as the baby wriggled frantically, desperate for freedom. The baby made incoherent noises that seemed to be magnified in the deadly silence. Kirsty pressed the bundle of blankets against her heart. She hoped the sound of her heartbeat would calm the baby. The baby met Kirsty’s eyes and stopped babbling. She read the alarm in her saviour’s face and hid back beneath her blankets. Taking a measured step forward, Kirsty found her path blocked by a cloaked figure. A ball of fire hovered in his upturned palm, illuminating his masked face. With his free hand, he motioned with one finger, his eyes on the child.      

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