Too Many Voices

A new semester brings new challenges and a new module. The Novel & Creative Non-Fiction

Last semester I wrote the start of a new creative piece Imogen’s Dark Secret, a crime-thriller novel. It took me a while to feel comfortable writing this character and her story, but slowly I got inside her head and I really enjoyed it.

Becoming a more experienced writer is hard and taxing. I have tried to relax my mind and write what comes naturally and in doing so, I soon discovered that my characters speak to me as well.

 It sounds bizarre but my characters speak to me just as much as I speak to them. They guide me as I write their story. This complements the advice I received from tutors as to build the plot around the character, rather than the other way around. As the characters speak to me, I am able to tap into their heads and get to the heart of their story. I am a slave to them in a way. However, whenever they go off on a tangent I have to work hard to accommodate what the character is saying, whilst still injecting my version of events. I love lying awake and listening to my characters. Sometimes they go silent which is very helpful- not!

These voices can often argue with each other, prying for my attention. There are always many stories to tell. I make sure to have a notebook handy to jot words, phrases and ideas down.

Now with the onset of a new module and a new project, I had to listen and choose a voice.

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