Examples of Microscopic Detail

I wrote two separate pieces, one with a lot of detail to immerse the reader and one with refined detail. I think they immerse the reader in different ways, but I understand how the microscopic details are impactful.

Lying on the Beach

Peace and serenity. My eyes close as my mind goes blank. The burning sun rays attempt to pass through my eyelids, the heat settling on my skin. It gently warms me from the outside in, like a comforting embrace. I don’t want to return to the material world yet. With every crash of a wave, I am forgetting my woes and responsibilities.  

A seagull lets out an echoing cry, forcing my eyelids to slide backwards. All I see is white. My eyes refocus and the world takes shape again. The sky is clear, not a cloud in sight. The sea blends in with the distant horizon, creating a watercolour of blue. I wonder if I kept swimming, where would I end up? 

A light breeze caresses my face, spraying the salty air on my sand-covered skin. I catch the musty scent of pages from a book buried in the sand. The tide begins drawing closer to me; the wet sand feels heavy as it swallows up my limbs. Head numb, I reach for a drink of water. It soothes my throat and cools my entire body. Slowly slipping out of a daze, I notice people strolling in the shallow waters, others with their faces planted into the ground, sweat rolling down the backs of those playing volleyball. As they walk past, the smell of sunscreen saturates my nostrils. The midday sun has claimed victory over those with reddened faces. 

I perch under a large palm tree, swaying in harmony with the wind. Nature communicates with me without speech. Lost in this fascination, I begin writing in my notebook.

The Marina

The marina stretched out as far as the eye could see. The sun shone low in the sky, its reflection magnified against the clear water below. It was blinding. Boats- big, small, with sails, without-lined either side of the marina, still on the water’s edge. A light breeze glossed over the marina surface, the boats bobbed, the sails wafted. The sound of a seagull’s call echoed through the empty air as they flew overhead into the distance, right over the marina out toward the end of the Earth.

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