Unfortunately, the project only required me to submit the opening few chapters of my novel. But I believe that the first 5,000 words gives the reader a taste of the plotline. As I have gone through rewriting parts of the novel, more ideas sparked for later on and I ensured to jot the ideas and edits down to make sure they would be featured. 

I have evolved as a writer and rediscovered my love for writing fantasy-fiction, and developed techniques through the module that I keep in mind when editing the rest of the novel series and elsewhere. Feed the reader spoonfuls of detail, hunting and intriguing the reader being sure to introduce themes as I go to make each novel distinct to the others.  

My writing process has allowed me to establish the main characters, along with some vital settings to entice readers. I have been able to hone my skills of showing and not telling readers, which is something I have struggled with in the past. I am so pleased with seeing the worlds and characters come alive and cannot wait to develop it more.

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