Unfortunately, the project only required me to submit the opening few chapters of my novel. But I believe that the first 5,000 words gives the reader a taste of the plotline. As I have gone through rewriting parts of the novel, more ideas sparked for later on and I ensured to jot the ideas andContinue reading “Reflections”

Research & Editing

For this semester’s project, my first instinct was to develop an existing series of novels called Realms of Magic. Not only did this have a lot of content already, but it was also something that I started writing when I was a young adult, which is my target audience’s age.  My aim was to graduallyContinue reading “Research & Editing”

Writers Block

At some point, every writer goes through a rut where you cannot even put pen to paper. You feel overwhelmed and pressured. The pressure may be coming from others and their opinions of your work, but more commonly we writers put too much pressure on ourselves. High expectations destroy our creativity. Especially with the presenceContinue reading “Writers Block”

Examples of Microscopic Detail

I wrote two separate pieces, one with a lot of detail to immerse the reader and one with refined detail. I think they immerse the reader in different ways, but I understand how the microscopic details are impactful. Lying on the Beach Peace and serenity. My eyes close as my mind goes blank. The burningContinue reading “Examples of Microscopic Detail”

Microscopic Detail

I created the worlds in my fantasy fiction novels and I was proud of what I was able to create. However, reading back and having a new perspective helped me see which elements of the piece were vital to the story. I had to cut off the excess to focus on microscopic details. I realisedContinue reading “Microscopic Detail”

Ernest Hemingway’s Ice Berg Theory

It is important for writers to build up an engaging story and immerse readers into a world from which the story unfolds. The core principle of Hemingway’s Iceberg theory is that not everything should be revealed to the readers; writers must know 100% of their story and world, but 90% is hidden below the waterContinue reading “Ernest Hemingway’s Ice Berg Theory”

The Worlds of Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

From the start of the module, I knew that I wanted to write my fantasy-fiction novel. One that I have to pour my soul into. I aspire to publish Realms of Magic one day. The assignment brief was tailored with three opening chapters, a synopsis and a letter to a publisher. Realms of Magic wasContinue reading “The Worlds of Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction”

Too Many Voices

A new semester brings new challenges and a new module. The Novel & Creative Non-Fiction.  Last semester I wrote the start of a new creative piece Imogen’s Dark Secret, a crime-thriller novel. It took me a while to feel comfortable writing this character and her story, but slowly I got inside her head and IContinue reading “Too Many Voices”

Imogen’s Dark Secret Revamp Plans

Recently I had a tutorial with one of my tutors, regarding my last submission ‘Imogen’s Dark Secret‘, a crime thriller novel that I started. I’m pleased to say I got a high grade, but I still wanted feedback to improve the opening to be able take the story forward. Here are some of the pointsContinue reading “Imogen’s Dark Secret Revamp Plans”