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Realms of Magic: Book One Synopsis

Sixteen years have passed since Lucina, once a flourishing planet in one of the many Realms of the Magical Dimension, was destroyed by dark sorcerers. Lucina’s royals are all assumed dead, except a princess who miraculously survives, sent secretly to Earth by her sister for her own safety. Nancy Smyth discovers her true identity, asContinue reading “Realms of Magic: Book One Synopsis”

Imogen’s Dark Secret: Synopsis

Imogen’s Dark Secret is a crime-thriller novel that explores the severity of sex trafficking and the courage it takes to confront those who abuse. The novel moves between two simultaneous storylines, alternating between Imogen Mendez’s past and present life. 14-year-old Imogen was abandoned by her biological parents and resides with relatives. Though her new familyContinue reading “Imogen’s Dark Secret: Synopsis”

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