Creative Fragments

An Extract of Emma’s Inner Torture

[…] Snatching up a number of the coloured pencils, Emma leant forward to hunch over the pages. Using a combination of browns, yellows and greys, she sketched the surface of a rural earth bringing finer details to the image. Emma shifted her position slightly to bring herself closer to the page and began to makeContinue reading “An Extract of Emma’s Inner Torture”

Trapped – Flash Fiction

The door slammed shut. The echoing sound amplified several times. Footsteps retreat.  Walking slowly, not making a single sound, I seized hold of the handle and started to yank. My fingers are red… raw.  My eyes skirt the surroundings, no escape.  Ears rung. Knees hit solid wood. Shooting pain. Gritted teeth, fighting back a scream.Continue reading “Trapped – Flash Fiction”

A Treasured Memory

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. And I have been on my fair share of rollercoasters. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at three days old, I rely on a motorised wheelchair and it has made me see the world differently. Society views the disabled community as vulnerable with some people seeing usContinue reading “A Treasured Memory”

The Girl With The Cupid Heart Tattoo

I gazed into the long, cracked mirror and a thin woman with placid skin and long black hair stared back blankly at me. Her skin was pulled tight over her cheek bones. A low crop top pulled tight against her ribs exposing a heart tattoo with a cupid’s arrow piercing straight through it. She tracedContinue reading “The Girl With The Cupid Heart Tattoo”

Realms of Magic – Pizza Date

[…] Leon led the way past various shops to a row of pubs and bars that I had not seen before nor had chance to visit. All had flickering lights spelling out ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’. We entered a pub called “The Element” hearing top Christmas hits on the speakers as we walked in. There were aContinue reading “Realms of Magic – Pizza Date”

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