An Extract of Emma’s Inner Torture

[…] Snatching up a number of the coloured pencils, Emma leant forward to hunch over the pages. Using a combination of browns, yellows and greys, she sketched the surface of a rural earth bringing finer details to the image. Emma shifted her position slightly to bring herself closer to the page and began to make flecks on the page with coloured pencils. Faintly hearing the clatter of hailstones against the roof, her eyelids began to droop as her nose pressed against the pages of her sketchbook.  

Emma was falling, falling headfirst; she somersaulted through endless sky, and was pulled towards the ground. Wind whistled as it passed her, and her ears rang. She was midway way through yet another somersault, when she hit an invisible force, and everything seemed to cease for one minute. A force snapped with the sound of a bullet, cutting through the air. Emma flipped onto her back and slammed straight against the hard earth,
“Oh ff…”
A fierce ache started in the middle of her spine and spread all down her back. Emma’s fingers twitched after a few seconds and she grasped fists full of dirt and rocks as she slowly pulled herself up into an upright position.

Trying to get breath into her tight lungs, a light breeze ruffled her hair as Emma glanced from side to side but could only see black spots. Emma’s head was still spinning while she blinked rapidly to try and clear her vision. The pain in her back increased and spread up into her shoulders and her neck. Carefully moving she straightened her face and neck, Emma felt the tension in her chest begin to loosen and slowly her head began to clear. Pushing herself to her feet, Emma wobbled as her vision blurred and she lifted one foot and then the other and gently applied pressure onto the ground. […]

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