Realms of Magic – Pizza Date

[...] Leon led the way past various shops to a row of pubs and bars that I had not seen before nor had chance to visit. All had flickering lights spelling out ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’. We entered a pub called “The Element” hearing top Christmas hits on the speakers as we walked in. 
There were a number of tables and chairs around the pub with a crackling fire in on the far-right wall. Behind them, cast slightly in shadows was a large and wide counter with a line of stools behind it and behind this was a pizza oven. Leon approached the front of house where a woman stood dressed in a white apron and a large sash with ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ written across it. 
“Hello, table for two please.”  
“Of course,” she smiled, leading us to the counter at the back of the pub where we sat on one of the stalls. “A list of potential pizzas are here,” she motioned to a menu propped up in front of us. “Or feel free to invent your own… let me know what you would like to do, and I will bring everything over.”
I looked at Leon, “We’re making our own pizzas?” 
He shrugged, “I thought it would be fun.” I took the menu and had a look, all types of pizza you would expect were here. “Pepperoni and margarita for me.” I handed Leon the menu, Leon’s smile was dazzling, “Deluxe meat feast for me.” 
The waitress walked over to us, “What can we get you to make today?” 
“Deluxe meat feast and pepperoni and margarita please,” said Leon. 
“Coming right up,” said the waitress. “What can I get you to drink?” I looked over at the blackboard where different drinks were written. “Can I have a large vanilla and chocolate shake please?” 
Leon smiled, “I’ll have the same.”   
The waitress smiled back, “I’ll be right back with those.” 
“So why are you back so early for Christmas. “My father is busy ruling the Kingdom, we only saw him for two days and even then, it wasn’t much of a celebration.” 
I stared at him, “
Your father runs the Kingdom, does that mean…” 
I stumbled down from my seat and bowed, my eyes on his face, “Your highness.”
“No… please don’t,” he said embarrassed. 
I straightened up, “What did I do?”
Leon’s face softened as he helped me back on my seat, “It’s okay, I just want to be Leon, not Prince Leon, stupid right?” 
I took his hand and felt it close around mine as I peered into his eyes, “I understand, trust me, I do…” I dropped my eyes, “More than you know,” I mumbled. 
Leon noticed the change in my tone, “Nancy?” 
I sat straight in my chair, “Nothing, it’s nothing.” 
“You know I still can’t figure you out,” he commented. “I wish you’d let me in.” 
I smiled guiltily at him. The waitress walked over and placed our drinks on the table along with the dough on a wooden service and the ingredients. 
“Once you have made your pizzas put them in the oven and then sit at a table and I will bring them over when they are done.” Smiling at both of us she walked away. 
“Ladies first,” he said. 
I began to get my hands in the dough flattening it out as best as I could before rolling it out with a rolling pin. “I admire a girl that I can get her hands dirty,” said Leon. 
I laughed, 
“It’s only rolling out a pizza but no I’m not afraid of hard graft.” 
I had now got flour on my hands as I bent over and started to put the toppings on my pizza, first the tomato paste, the mozzarella and the slices of pepperoni. Leon started to roll out the base of his pizza and follow my example, topping it with tomato paste, mozzarella and then topping this with every meat that existed. 
“Are you hungry?” I said. 
“Starving,” he said with a grin. 
I gazed at him, “Hey, you’ve got something on your nose,” he said, tapping my nose. 
I felt the flour, “What’s this?” I asked. 
“You had flour on your face,” Leon said simply. 
“Oh really?” 
I ran my finger across the counter and smothered it on his face. 
“So, do you,” I said smirking. 
We passed some time then, flickering and smothering ingredients on each other’s faces.
 Covered in flour and tomato paste, we slide our pizzas into the oven and went to clean ourselves up. I peered into the mirror in the girls’ bathroom and my cheeks were flushed, my eyes bright. Re-joining Leon we walked over to the back of the pub near a warm fire and sat down. “Tell me about life on Earth, I’m curious.” 
“What do you want to know?” I asked, nibbling on a breadstick.
“What’s it like to live with non-magics in a world with no magic, it must be fascinating.” 
“Not really,” I said as I went into detail about life on Earth and how we are able to survive every day without magic. 
“I didn’t know I was magic until my headmistress sent… a message with Horos.” 
“Really? You must have had magical ancestors.” 
“Yes, maybe,” I said. 
“How were your parents when you were told you had a place at the academy?” Leon asked. 
“They weren’t happy. They refused point-blank the existence of magic. But I still came here.” 
“Do you miss them?” he said. 
I felt a lump rise in my throat, “Very much but I try to visit when and as often as I can.” Leon looked at me sympathetically and at first, I was grateful, but when I could no longer stand it, I changed the subject. 
“So, tell me about your family?” I asked. 
He sat back in his chair, 
“Well, I live with my mother and father and I’m the youngest of three, I have an older brother and sister and we are very close. My father can be very firm, and he puts a lot of strain on us.” He paused before continuing, “To be honest I prefer it this way, keeps us from being spoilt and has taught us to not expect anything in this world, we have to earn it.” 
There it was again, that sense of magistery in his voice. Conversation flowed from there, there were no uncomfortable silences as we finished off our pizzas and then dessert. I chose a deliciously light chocolate cheesecake while Leon couldn’t resist a chocolate pudding that oozed with melted chocolate at the centre. Thoroughly stuffed, Leon asked for the bill and when the waitress brought it over, she had a kind smile on her face, “Did you two have a good meal? Great place for a first date.” My heart fluttered and Leon’s dazzling smile was on his face, “We’re not a couple,” said Leon. 
“Oh,” the waitress looked uncomfortable, “My apologies, happy new year.” [...]    

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