Realms of Magic: Book One Synopsis

Sixteen years have passed since Lucina, once a flourishing planet in one of the many Realms of the Magical Dimension, was destroyed by dark sorcerers. Lucina’s royals are all assumed dead, except a princess who miraculously survives, sent secretly to Earth by her sister for her own safety.

Nancy Smyth discovers her true identity, as the most powerful fairy in all of the Magical Realms, whilst living a normal life on Earth. The curious teen stumbles into an outlandish battle, confirming her beliefs in mythical creatures. A mystical man, tortured by his own inner demons, Horos, informs Nancy she is a magical being. Whilst processing this information, her parents reveal that she is an orphan of unknown origin.

Horos encourages Nancy to enrol at the Archangel Academy, a place to study and strengthen her magical powers, while the ethereal form of her birth sister haunts her dreams. She enrols into the new year at the academy and the headmistress discloses certain information about her birth family as she learns more about her heritage. Nancy does not hesitate to embrace her prophecy and hone her strong magical powers of the four elements – fire, earth, air, and water. 

Nancy is tracked down by witches as they attack her several times, and feels she is no longer safe. This leads up to the final confrontation on the grounds of the Archangel Academy. Successfully transforming into her fae form, Nancy accepts her new identity of Ariana and begins the mission to free her family from eternal imprisonment while a darker threat looms.

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