Trapped – Flash Fiction

The door slammed shut. The echoing sound amplified several times. Footsteps retreat. 

Walking slowly, not making a single sound, I seized hold of the handle and started to yank. My fingers are red… raw. 

My eyes skirt the surroundings, no escape. 

Ears rung. Knees hit solid wood. Shooting pain.

Gritted teeth, fighting back a scream. Hands feeling around the wooden floor. No cracks, not even a scratch.

Sound of my thumping heartbeat in my chest. Clock chimes. I have until the final chime. 

Try to stand. Wince. 

Limp to the wall. Hands feel it, damp. Claw at the wall. Nothing. 

Stop, think. 

Cracks appear in the walls, water trickles through. 

A trickle turns into a stream. The clock chimes. Hands become sopping wet. Standing in a pool of water.

Clock chimes. Arms shake, effort to remain standing. Clock chimes. In. Out. In. Out. 

Foot slips back. Hands slam hard on the wall. Weight through bad leg. Sharp intake of breath. Clock chimes. 

Balance regained. Edged along the wall. Reach. Reach!

Grasp handle. Hold tight. Teeth gritted. Leg trembles. Breathes are shaky. Clock chimes. 

Cuffs fasten around my ankles. Strain against them. Chain reeling me backwards.

Slams hard on my back. Clock chimes are louder. 

Fall. Swallowed into darkness. 

Plummeting towards the ground submerged.

Echoing chimes.

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