Imogen’s Dark Secret Revamp Plans

Recently I had a tutorial with one of my tutors, regarding my last submission ‘Imogen’s Dark Secret‘, a crime thriller novel that I started. I’m pleased to say I got a high grade, but I still wanted feedback to improve the opening to be able take the story forward. Here are some of the pointsContinue reading “Imogen’s Dark Secret Revamp Plans”

Crime: Linear and Non-linear Narrative

While writing extracts of Horror, Crime, Sci-fi and Fantasy, I thought about whether I had found a new genre I could use in a new novel. Besides fantasy, I felt crime might be my next strongest style after fantasy writing, so I started dabbling and free writing.  I felt myself go into police crime writingContinue reading “Crime: Linear and Non-linear Narrative”

Writing Genre – Horror and Crime Extracts

Here are my Horror & Crime extracts of writing…   Horror Extract – Something Bad is Coming  My knees were hard against my chest as I huddled on my bed. The night slowly darkened outside my window, but I didn’t, or couldn’t, move. For years, I had been kept in the dark about what I wasContinue reading “Writing Genre – Horror and Crime Extracts”

Writing in Genre

As an aspiring writer, I have always enjoyed writing in different genres. I begin by writing the foundations of a prose or a short story before embellishing it.  Whichever genre you decide to write in, they all have their basic conventions to follow, in order to appeal to a particular readership. The more you write,Continue reading “Writing in Genre”

Getting Too Comfortable

Although I like experimenting with different forms, styles, narratives and genres of writing, I sometimes find them intimidating. Fantasy is a genre that I have always enjoyed the most and find myself comfortable writing in. Perhaps fantasy is most aligned with my sense of imagination. Fantasy also gives me a lot of freedom, without needingContinue reading “Getting Too Comfortable”