Unfortunately, the project only required me to submit the opening few chapters of my novel. But I believe that the first 5,000 words gives the reader a taste of the plotline. As I have gone through rewriting parts of the novel, more ideas sparked for later on and I ensured to jot the ideas andContinue reading “Reflections”

Research & Editing

For this semester’s project, my first instinct was to develop an existing series of novels called Realms of Magic. Not only did this have a lot of content already, but it was also something that I started writing when I was a young adult, which is my target audience’s age.  My aim was to graduallyContinue reading “Research & Editing”

Ernest Hemingway’s Ice Berg Theory

It is important for writers to build up an engaging story and immerse readers into a world from which the story unfolds. The core principle of Hemingway’s Iceberg theory is that not everything should be revealed to the readers; writers must know 100% of their story and world, but 90% is hidden below the waterContinue reading “Ernest Hemingway’s Ice Berg Theory”

Too Many Voices

A new semester brings new challenges and a new module. The Novel & Creative Non-Fiction.  Last semester I wrote the start of a new creative piece Imogen’s Dark Secret, a crime-thriller novel. It took me a while to feel comfortable writing this character and her story, but slowly I got inside her head and IContinue reading “Too Many Voices”

Writing Genre – Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts

Here are my Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts…  Sci-fi Extract – The Terrible Twins He stood in a wide laboratory with bare walls and various types of equipment around the room. A faint beeping came from a machine at the far end of the room. The door opened. A man, dressed in a crisp white labContinue reading “Writing Genre – Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts”

Writing in Genre

As an aspiring writer, I have always enjoyed writing in different genres. I begin by writing the foundations of a prose or a short story before embellishing it.  Whichever genre you decide to write in, they all have their basic conventions to follow, in order to appeal to a particular readership. The more you write,Continue reading “Writing in Genre”