Writers Block

At some point, every writer goes through a rut where you cannot even put pen to paper. You feel overwhelmed and pressured. The pressure may be coming from others and their opinions of your work, but more commonly we writers put too much pressure on ourselves. High expectations destroy our creativity. Especially with the presenceContinue reading “Writers Block”

The Worlds of Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

From the start of the module, I knew that I wanted to write my fantasy-fiction novel. One that I have to pour my soul into. I aspire to publish Realms of Magic one day. The assignment brief was tailored with three opening chapters, a synopsis and a letter to a publisher. Realms of Magic wasContinue reading “The Worlds of Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction”

Too Many Voices

A new semester brings new challenges and a new module. The Novel & Creative Non-Fiction.  Last semester I wrote the start of a new creative piece Imogen’s Dark Secret, a crime-thriller novel. It took me a while to feel comfortable writing this character and her story, but slowly I got inside her head and IContinue reading “Too Many Voices”

Imogen’s Dark Secret Revamp Plans

Recently I had a tutorial with one of my tutors, regarding my last submission ‘Imogen’s Dark Secret‘, a crime thriller novel that I started. I’m pleased to say I got a high grade, but I still wanted feedback to improve the opening to be able take the story forward. Here are some of the pointsContinue reading “Imogen’s Dark Secret Revamp Plans”

Writing Genre – Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts

Here are my Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts…  Sci-fi Extract – The Terrible Twins He stood in a wide laboratory with bare walls and various types of equipment around the room. A faint beeping came from a machine at the far end of the room. The door opened. A man, dressed in a crisp white labContinue reading “Writing Genre – Sci-fi and Fantasy Extracts”

Writing Genre – Horror and Crime Extracts

Here are my Horror & Crime extracts of writing…   Horror Extract – Something Bad is Coming  My knees were hard against my chest as I huddled on my bed. The night slowly darkened outside my window, but I didn’t, or couldn’t, move. For years, I had been kept in the dark about what I wasContinue reading “Writing Genre – Horror and Crime Extracts”

Writing in Genre

As an aspiring writer, I have always enjoyed writing in different genres. I begin by writing the foundations of a prose or a short story before embellishing it.  Whichever genre you decide to write in, they all have their basic conventions to follow, in order to appeal to a particular readership. The more you write,Continue reading “Writing in Genre”

Getting Too Comfortable

Although I like experimenting with different forms, styles, narratives and genres of writing, I sometimes find them intimidating. Fantasy is a genre that I have always enjoyed the most and find myself comfortable writing in. Perhaps fantasy is most aligned with my sense of imagination. Fantasy also gives me a lot of freedom, without needingContinue reading “Getting Too Comfortable”